Modern Canadian Shooter Podcast

28- Northern Ballistics: Gun Photography, Advertising, and Software

August 30, 2023 Taylor and Pat Episode 28
Modern Canadian Shooter Podcast
28- Northern Ballistics: Gun Photography, Advertising, and Software
Show Notes

Discover the captivating world of gun photography and its transformative impact on perceptions of firearms and gun ownership in the public eye. In this episode, we delve into the emerging trend of gun photography in Canada, discussing its artistic and educational dimensions. Pat and Taylor express their enthusiasm for this rising trend that is being spearheaded by people like Jason, aka "Northern Ballistics", highlighting the creativity and storytelling involved in crafting visually appealing firearm images. Through unique perspectives and creative angles, gun photography becomes a driving force in the growth of the gun community.

Join us as we explore the challenges and frustrations of finding the perfect video editing software. Pat and Jason delve into the pros and cons of platforms like Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve, shedding light on their ease of use, features like auto-captions and color matching, and the flexibility of software choices. Jason and Pat also envision the potential of capturing gun events through the lens of skilled photographers, drawing parallels with the impact of dedicated concert photographers in the music scene.

Meet Jason , a photographer with a specialization in firearms and a partnership with Siwash Sports Ltd. Jason's unique photography style brings firearms to life, emphasizing their craftsmanship and allure. In a world of social media challenges like shadow banning, Jason remains committed to his craft, encouraging others to enhance their photography skills. The hosts discuss the value of high-quality visuals in attracting customers and fostering a devoted following. Tune in to explore the power of photography, the versatility of video editing, and the passion of a dedicated photographer.

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